We Got New Bikes

” Can you buy me a bike?” -Rob

I’ve always been the busy body who needs to do something all the times. With this unfortunate pandemic I have been trying to incorporate more things in my life that do not require traveling or being around groups of people. As the temperature started to change and since Rob and I were attempting to get back in shape I thought we should starting biking again. We hadn’t been biking since Rob moved from California (more than 3 years ago now).

Rob had given up with buying the standard bikes you can find in Walmart and Target. He always said that those bikes never lasted for him. Since it was my bright idea to go biking he asked the question, “can you buy me a bike.” Now I knew this bike he wanted would not be cheap, but I gave in. I told him that if he could find a bike (literally there is a shortage of bikes all over the US) that was not an outrageous price, I’d get him one. A few weeks and a couple of arguments on the price of the bike later, Rob’s new bike arrived at our front steps.

Days later we were on the Green Line in Memphis.

I ended up getting a new bike as well because he left me in the dust with his road bike while I was struggling with my 4+ year old mountain bike. On our last bike outing we ended up seeing bison and had lunch by the lake in Shelby Farms.


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